Children Who Witness Domestic Violence by Emily


Have you ever looked at your little boy’s face when his Dad’s hit you again?  How frightened your son looks, backed against the radiator, frozen to the spot, knowing how bad things have been in the past and knowing its starting again……How is Dad going to hurt Mum this time? He’s just 4 years old, but has had to grow up so much quicker than his friends have!

Have you any idea what it is like to witness Dad hurting Mum, when you are tiny?

Usually Mum protects you from harm, but she can’t if Dads hurting Mum.

Have you any idea what it is like for your little boy, to tell his infant school teacher, what Dad did to Mum and the teacher replies “Don’t tell tales Charlie”?   Have you ever felt that lonely and not listened to? Knowing that nobody could help you then, or your Mum!

Have you ever come across a little boy who is so frightened of the work men coming into Junior school, that the teacher has to divert his attention and keep him away from where they are working?

So frightened of the workmen coming into school, because he thinks it’s Dad!

Have you ever had a little boy take his small gang of friends down the road, to check out a car, because he is frightened by the car?

So frightened that the car belongs to his Dad!

Have you any experience of the panic attacks that little boy has, as he tries to cope with trauma in his life as he grows up, knowing that in the past Mum couldn’t protect him in dangerous situations at home?

What consideration did Dad give to this when he was hurting Mum?  Did he not realise he was hurting his son too?  Did he not care?





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