Cognitive Dissonance by Emily


You know when you stay with him because you’ve got the mortgage to pay!  You are scared of being homeless and need to have a ‘roof over your head’ for the kids!

Maybe you live in his town, only know his friends, isolated from your own friends and family, so you’ve got nobody to help you!

You stay because of money, whether you will be able to work and have enough money to look after the children or you are worried about debt, if you go!

You fear court action and worry that the psychological control, he has had over you, throughout your relationship, will carry on in court and he will be believed!

You worry about your kids, as they are in the local schools and have friends there!

Maybe you are too ashamed or embarrassed by what he is doing to you and you don’t want to tell anybody!  Or you are frightened that your friends and family will not believe you!

Or simply, you don’t like change!

You fear that even if you leave him, he will still continue to have control over you, through the children!

You know when you stay in the abusive relationship because……

You know it’s wrong! You know he is hurting you!  Maybe he is even hurting you in front of the children-Emotional abuse!

This is Cognitive Dissonance.  A reason why women stay in a relationship with an abusive man.  They can see that it is wrong but stay with him anyway. The woman in such a situation, would be using two opposing view points in her decisions, thinking its wrong to be with him, but finding reasons to stay!


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