Bullying, Abuse, Rape, Domestic Violence – TRAUMA and How to Try to Wipe the Memories out of your Life By EMILY

Time and time again, I talk to teenagers and women who have been abused and are simply TOO EMBARRASED to seek counselling.

But, they want to reduce the effect the past is having on their ability to live their lives now.

One self-help method of trying to deal with ABUSE in Childhood, Bullying, Domestic Violence etc.  is to WRITE DOWN what happened……

……… On a piece of paper or on your laptop/computer.

Then RE-WRITE the story where you OVERPOWER your abuser or bully…….

……… You PUSH them away !

……… You are BIGGER and STRONGER than them  so they cant touch you in the first place!

They become someone weak and vulnerable …..

…….. so that YOU are the one in CONTROL ……

…….. NOT the abuser or bully!

You then get rid of the original story …..

……. so you RIP UP the piece of paper or DELETE the original story off your computer!

You then keep the NEW story  on your computer or somewhere nearby in your handbag!

You keep REMINDing yourself of the NEW story

And attempt to push your past behind you, so you can concentrate on your PRESENT LIFE and the FUTURE!



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