Guilt and the Master/Servant Relationship by Emily


Time and time again, when I am counselling women or girls who have been in abusive/controlling relationships, guilt is a common theme.

They have been controlled (Master) into taking the blame and have been punished (Servant) accordingly!

Even long after leaving those relationships, they still see themselves as being responsible for causing ‘his’ anger!

You know if you burn the toast or the sausages or the bacon etc.  If you haven’t ironed his shirt or you forgot to pay the gas bill.

If the children are being naughty or lively, they are probably picking up on your anxiety, from him bullying and undermining you!

You don’t deserve to be beaten, to be punished.

These are jobs that HE could do or even LEARN how to do.

He is not your Master and you are not his Servant!

You are or were supposed to be in a PARTNERSHIP i.e. relationship, boyfriend/girlfriend, marriage etc

Please don’t ever feel guilty!

Emily xxx



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