Supermarkets and Autism by Emily

It is a shame that the larger supermarkets don’t consider devoting a small section of the store to a crèche-type facility or a mini playground with a slide and climbing frame, inside the store (not outside, inside). Maybe even, have children’s TV, such as Peppa Pig or CBeebies?
This is a serious suggestion based on what I would have wished to do with Danny and Charlie for peace of mind, calmer (tired out) children, engaged children and easier shopping in the supermarket.
I have over the years compiled shopping lists and had Danny and Charlie look for food from the list.
I have paid by cash and had Danny or Charlie pay for me, to make sure Danny stayed with me until we left the supermarket.
I have given the boys the opportunity to use the self-serve tills so that they can be customer, bag packer, and cashier at the same time.


Supermarkets compete with each other for customers, so it would be a great way of these stores, enticing mums and dads to shop with their little ones!

Emily x



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