Fish, Chips and Recycling by Emily

My Aunt told me a tale about my Great Grandmother, Alice.

My Grandmother Lil, was one of 4 children.  She had 2 older sisters and an older brother!

They lived in England, near Liverpool, on the coast!

After my Grandmother Lil, was born in 1912, Alice, her mother, found herself pregnant with a another girl, however, the little baby girl never survived after she was born!

The loss sent Alice into depression!

Her family was big, but she loved babies!

To help her cope with the loss and to give her mind something else to think about, my Great Grandfather Albert, encouraged her to purchase a shop and she opened it as a Fish and Chip Shop!

Now it wasn’t like Fish and Chip shops nowadays.  No paper or cartons etc.

She had her customers bring in their plates from home and she placed the food directly onto each customer’s plate!

It is a wonder who is to blame for all the recycling and waste we accumulate these days from Fast Food outlets!

If people can bring their own bags to supermarkets now, instead of using Supermarket carrier bags, then why can’t people bring their own plates or carriers for food from home to Fast Food outlets?

It was ok back then when my Great Grandma was alive, why is it not ok now?

Our milkman has recently told me that their dairy is reverting back from plastic bottles to glass bottles.

Come on Fast Food Outlet companies!



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