Autism and The Alphabet by Emily

It was clear from working with Danny as a 2 -3 year old, that he was not going to learn the alphabet from the standard A-Z picture posters or books (like A is for Apple, B is for Bumble Bee etc.) which you can obtain for your children.

He was having difficulty concentrating, on what was in front of him (or he simply appeared to not want to look at what was in front of him).

I therefore, adapted an alphabet just for Danny, to include the words in his world:-

Danny’s Alphabet included:-

B is for Bus
C is for Car
D is for Danny
G is for Ground Floor
H is for Hello
I is for Ice Cream
M is for Mummy
N is for Nana
P is for Postman Pat
T is for Thomas (The Tank Engine)
W is for Weetabix
Y is for Yes

Danny could then, pick out the letters on the computer keyboard, for these words in his World.

At a later stage, to back up sounding out the letters, I also managed to obtain Jolly phonic sound books ( from the Early Learning Centre) and these also proved beneficial.

Highly recommended, if you can still find Jolly Phonics on Ebay or Amazon!



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