Dyslexia and Reading by Emily

My son Charlie, had shown signs of Dyslexia from an early age, so bringing home his school reading book for the weekend, was somewhat of a nightmare for him and a very stressful experience all round!


He simply didn’t want to look at the words, was stressed because children as intelligent as him, were moving on from book to book, whilst he was kept on the same reading book again and again, so would be having panic attacks at home.  This also meant that not only was he frustrated at not being able to move forward with his reading, he was also bored of the same book and it’s story!


I watched a Reading/Dyslexia campaign on TV and subsequently purchased a book designed for teachers and parents, that advised on Dyslexia and reading, in-depth.


One idea, was that you as a parent or care-giver read the book to your child and then have them read it back to you.  Depending on their concentration level, its doesn’t necessarily have to be the whole book, maybe a chapter, a page or even paragraphs!


I started to do this for Charlie, but because I wanted to keep up his concentration levels, I would use different character voices, accents etc. to hold his interest.


We even tried ‘singing’ our way through his books.


When he was reading it back to me, he would either use the different character voices or even sing the story back to me.  Each method taking the stress out of reading, making it fun!


At school he would then read the book to the teacher and be moved forward to the next reading level!


Of course there are other resources that can help with reading and Dyslexia!


Coloured overlays for pages in the book to help your child form the words much more easily and of course prescription spectacles with coloured lenses (an eye test with a Dyslexia specialist optician)!


Charlie is a now a competant reader and is a fan of Stephen King books! LOL!


He has also told tales of school for many years now, using the different accents of teachers and children he has come into contact with during the day.  I wonder, whether this was because I would use different character voices, when he was struggling his way through school story books?






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