Mother Dies of Broken Foot by Emily

My Mum was Christmas Shopping for a new carpet one day (she was using her Christmas shopping day leave from work) together with my father.

It was November and on leaving the carpet shop, my parents walked down the slope intending to cross the road to another store.

My mum lost her balance, on the way down the slope and fell.

She had fractured her right fibula bone!

She was plastered but was in pain!

She had returned to the hospital a few times because of the pain and the nurses had on one occasion  massaged and re-plastered her leg,

Mum continued to be in pain and arranged with my father to return to the hospital.

My father recalls the nurse recognizing them both and her appearing to be annoyed about their return to hospital again!

When they returned home, my father had a meeting to attend at work, so he helped my mum up the stairs, however she was having difficulty breathing, climbing the stairs!

He managed to help my mum into the bedroom, but by this point she was really struggling for breath.

She managed to say to my dad ‘Get Help’!

My father phoned for an ambulance.  The gentleman on the telephone, commented that ‘there can’t be much wrong with her, if she has just been to the hospital!’

However an ambulance arrived and put Mum into the ambulance

The ambulance drivers thought it would be unnecessary for my father to travel in the ambulance, as they would only be taking her in for a check-up, so my father collected her crutches, got into his car and pulled away.

He reached the traffic lights, further along the road and to his horror, noticed that the ambulance was coming up very fast in his mirror with sirens blazing and lights flashing!

My father reached the hospital car park.

He went into the Accident & Emergency Department  and was met with a nurse, who ushered him into a separate room.

A Consultant arrived to say ‘I’m sorry’ ‘We have had our top consultants trying to revive your wife, but I’m afraid there is nothing more we can do!’

It was December, Mum was dead!  Just 3 weeks after fracturing her leg.  She was only in her 40s!

I came out of work and was met by my friend, who told me that my mum had died.

I thought this was impossible, she was just at home, how could she die??

Post mortem showed that she had a blood clot in her leg (where she had the fracture) resulting in a pulmonary embolism!

‘A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in the pulmonary artery, the blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the lungs. This blockage – usually a blood clot’ 

It’s the worst feeling, standing in the dining room of your parent’s house, looking at the numerous gifts of funeral flowers, while standing next to your Grandma (my mum’s mother)!

I hated the smell of flowers for years after!














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