Savant and Autism

If your child on the autism spectrum demonstrates an exceptional ability, particularly with memory or even Maths, then they will be a Savant

One of Danny’s abilities is called Calendar Calculating. He is able to say, which day of the week any particular date falls on. Daniel can even recall the day of the month accurately for years going back in time.

I have observed, how Daniel turns to the back of the calendar, where all 12 months are grouped together and he appears to possibly study the shape (the pattern the numbers make) of the 28 to 31 days in each month.

With his bus and train hobbies, he can tell me what date and year i.e 24th February 2010, we last caught that particular train or bus. Not just when we last caught the Number 453 bus, it will be when we last caught the 453 with the number plate B531 XJT etc..

Sometimes he can recall the incidents that happened on those particular journeys i.e. when the 453 bus, B531 XJT broke down, even if the event occurred several years ago (even reminding me what the weather was doing that particular day)!
With the trains it will be when we last caught the train of a particular rail company, with the registration number 6324163 etc. (which is the number that is usually on the front of the train). Danny reads the Rail Magazines and studies the Rail Guide books, so that he can keep account of which train numbers, are registered to which train companies.

He memorizes bus and train timetables.

He knows what bus will get you anywhere locally and many of the services throughout England and Wales.

You definitely need Dan, sitting at your Bus Stop or on your train platform!


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