Measuring for a Bra, Breast Cancer, Mastectomy and Prosthetics by Emily

Why has M & S gone in my local town?


While online shopping has all the benefits and convenience to busy people in the world we live now, there are a couple of drawbacks.


When shops close people suffer emotional and financial loss. They lose their jobs and it affects their families and income, mortgages, rent, bills etc. but you also lose the little extras that one to one offers.


When I was told a mastectomy was recommended and I chose to use a prosthetic, I encountered the problem that I didn’t really know what size I was?


I was a typical underwear buyer, who just picked the size that I thought fitted me!  I have tried to measure myself, but haven’t really got a clue about what I am doing!


At M & S they offer the bra measuring service.


Also at my local M & S, they offered the bra range for after cancer operations.


I was really, really frightened with the whole Cancer diagnosis experience anyway, so was really nervous when I booked an appointment for M & S’s Measuring service.


The lady who measured me, made me feel at ease, I didn’t feel embarrassed, she was discreet, she wasn’t in a rush for her next appointment, she wasn’t interrupted by her phone or other members of staff. She gave me time, advice about purchasing suitable underwear and she is on my ‘Real Heroes in my life’ list!


I also found out, that I had been wearing ill-fitting bras for many years.


I know you can get bras for Breast Cancer patients online, but who measures you correctly and what if you carry on assuming that you are such and such a size after your operation, when you are not?


You carry on wearing the wrong size bra and the prosthetic they give you, is the wrong size?


You want to feel comfortable when you’ve been through such a traumatic experience.


So where has my local M & S gone and where do nervous, anxious women go now?


Can the larger shops offer the same kindness, empathy and give their customers time?




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