Memory Man, My Dan, by Emily

In an early blog post, I talked about Daniel’s ability to Calendar count and remember bus/train numbers etc.

Can I just say how brilliant he is and how much I rely on his memory?

I was searching through medical letters, looking for a history of dentist and hospital appointments, just the other day, as Dan’s younger brother, Charlie had toothache!

I couldn’t find the letters I needed, so I gave up and asked Dan.

I said to him ‘Do you remember Charlie going to the dentist in the Summer? What date was it? Can you remember Dan?’ Danny told me the 3rd August and even the time of the appointment.

I then said ‘Ok, do you remember the date of Charlie’s operation last year?’ Dan told me 8th November 2017.

I then asked him if he remembered the date Charlie saw the hospital consultant. Dan told me 20th June 2017.

He was then able, to give me the date Charlie saw the dentist in 2016 and a date in 2016 when Charlie went to the orthodontist.
He is like a human diary my Dan!



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