Hello!  I am an English  mum of 2 teenage sons.

I am in my 40’s!

9 years ago, I escaped a relationship of Domestic Violence and an abusive man.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

My eldest son has a fantastic memory and has a diagnosis of autism.  Throughout his school life, from the age of 3, up until he was 14, he would either choose not to speak at school, whisper or change the tone of his voice (so it was different from his regular speaking voice)! He was demonstrating Selective Mutism.

My youngest son is just about to take his GCSE’s and managed to cope with the Curriculum and Dyslexia!  Superstar!

Having such a complicated life, I thought I would share my experiences, to try and help others.  How I coped with things (or didn’t cope) and I want to talk about Autism, Selective Mutism, Dyslexia, Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer etc.

I volunteer as a listener with 7cupsoftea, which is something I started to do, when I was recovering from Breast Cancer surgery.

So far on 7cupsoftea, I have been online with 4 girls in the final stages of labour and therefore been present for the birth of 5 babies!  I never even trained as a midwife (LOL)!  I have helped numerous girls in Australia, Canada, USA, The Bahamas and the UK ‘escape’ from/obtain justice against, violent men… resulting in many prosecutions.  This can be anything from child abuse to rape.

If you are in need of free counselling please try 7cupsoftea or alternatively, if you are feeling lonely or want to utilise your empathy skils, why not volunteer as a Listener yourself!

Just click on the link and register!










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